Dec 11 2010

Lumby’s Official Community Plan – OCP

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THE OFFICIAL COMMUNITY PLAN – (OCP) is a legal instrument – you can find it in the Local Government Act

Before any prison can be erected in Lumby – it must conform with the OCP (That’s the law! ) If it’s out of the Village, then the rural OCP applies. There is nothing in the Village OCP that supports the development of prison in Lumby’s vision.

Lumby’s current OCP was created in 2005 and it is stipulated that it would be reviewed in 5 years. The Village of Lumby OCP is overdue for review. Download it here: http://www.lumby.ca/pdf/lumby_ocp.pdf

Effect of official community plans

884 (2) All bylaws enacted or works undertaken by a council, board or greater board, or by the trustees of an improvement district, after the adoption of

(a) an official community plan, or

(b) an official community plan under section 711 of the Municipal Act, R.S.B.C. 1979, c. 290, or an official settlement plan under section 809 of that Act before the repeal of those sections became effective,

must be consistent with the relevant plan.

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