Dec 11 2010

Lumby Mayor begins to recognize prison opposition

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12/11/2010 “Lumby open for business” Vernon Morning Star
Published: December 09, 2010 6:00 PM

I was pleased to read the latest article in the Vernon Morning Star which quoted Lumby’s Mayor Kevin Acton:

“When we had a meeting on a correctional facility, there was a huge outcry for something different” said Acton.

I support Mayor Acton’s push for new economic development. The Middle Shuswap Salmon Society was formed last week. The Society will be working to install a fish ladder at the Wilsey Dam. No – that’s not IN Lumby but the tourism spin offs will be tremendous. Green Industry will set up in Lumby.

Did You know that the Shuswap River in Lumby rivals the Sockeye Salmon return at Adams River! Thousands of salmon leaping into the foam at the Wilsey Dam will make their way to Cherryville.

Where will you go to watch salmon spawn next year? Drive through Lumby to the Shuswap Falls.

Don’t miss out! Bring your Green Industry to Lumby and support Middle Shuswap Wild Salmon.

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