Nov 20 2010

Speak up! No Bill C-36! Silence is consent!

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Bill C-36 is to be passed this month by our Federal Government. This Bill is called the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and is directed at Herbs that are produced, manufactured and sold here in Canada which will now be required to go through expensive testing before they can be marketed. Vitamin and Mineral Supplements will be next. The cost of testing will put many small companies out of business, but the big Pharmaceutical companies will be able to afford the testing, and so can take the herb and supplement business.

Despite the fact that many of these herbs have been studied and used successfully for thousands of years, they must be tested before being approved for sale or they will be considered illegal.

The Pharmaceutical Companies that produce chemical and often dangerous drugs are considered safe by Government standards, even though it is recorded that over 300,000 people a year in North America die from prescription complications, and even more people than that end up in emergency wards. These kind of statistics are not found for herbal and supplemental medicines, so where does the ‘Safety’ concern come from? And what does the future look like for the natural health care systems, Health Food Stores, and for those of us who use herbs and supplements as part of our health reginme?

Our future will be the same as Europe’s where these laws have already been implemented, and the Europeans are not happy with it. And what can be done about it? Nothing, once it is passed. Bill C-36. If you do not want to lose your freedom to chose how you look after your health, bombard our MPs and Prime Minister’s Office with letters of protest and concern before it is passed.

Once Bill C-36 is passed even our own Government will no longer have control over the manufacturing and distribution of herbs as there is a clause included that states that this will come under the “dictates of foriegn authorities”. This would likely include the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, CETA, NAFTA, etc. which deals with Mega Corporations, and is not concerned about you or your local Health Food Store.

Check out the Movie, ” A Question of Sovereignty” at , or go to to see a summary of Bill C-36. There have been articles on Bill C-36 in the alternative newspaper “The Agora” which can be viewed at Agora News.ca Or type Bill C-36 into your search engine. The Canadian Government has already signed several Free Trade Agreements quietly without much media attention and so without Canadian Citizens knowing what we are gaining, or losing. If we want Democracy, we the Citizens have to be Democratic, not leave it to the Government, who considers silence as consent.

by Lou Hammond

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  1. dan

    I don’t know most parties’ stance on this – the NDP is probably opposed – I was browsing the Canadian Action Party’s site, and they seem to have a strong stance in opposition to this – http://www.canadianactionparty.ca


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