Feb 26 2010

My letter to Lumby Valley Times 26th February, 2010

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The Siska First Nation sends their appreciation to the kind people of Lumby, Cherryville and Vernon for sending 141 cans of wild salmon. Bill Chu made arrangements with Art Manuel from Coldstream for delivery (over 60 pounds). Thank you Art Manuel. You can read Bill’s e-mail at my blog: priscillajudd.ca/thexpress (spelled “theXpress” but written in small letters).

Donation boxes are located in Vernon at Anna’s Vitamins Plus (across from the Bean Scene) and in Victoria at Cabin 12 (on Pandora). If you want to help with this salmon drive: Sheardown’s right here in downtown Lumby have wild sockeye salmon on sale @ $1.99 a can. Thank you Sheardowns. Shopper’s have increased their price – it’s over $2 a can now.

The Siska people living along the Frazer River didn’t choose hunger – their traditional food source just disappeared. I learned from the Internet that Norwegian Fish Farms off the BC coast are linked to the demise of BC’s wild salmon. It seems everyone (but me) knew about the salmon crisis. The Federal Government has an Inquiry and the Supreme Court struck down BC’s unconstitutional claim of jurisdiction over fish farm licensing and regulation. No new fish farm licenses are being issued until the DFO develops regulations.

Every Canadian wants clean water – I haven’t found anyone lobbying for dirty water. There may be Corporations that deny dirty water and regulators who ignore dirty water but every person in Canada wants clean water. That’s one generalization that seems absolutely true. So is it possible to harness that agreement? Could an online discussion/forum be influential? The CAPP facebook group (Canadians against Proroguing Parliament) has 250,000 members – not all of them post and few of them agree on anything except opposition to proroguing parliament but if 250,000 people sent e-mails to the Salmon Inquiry asking for clean water could it make a difference? What you think? You can find the salmon Inquiry on the Internet: http://cohencommission.ca/en/HowToParticipate.php.

If someone in Lumby has space for a donation box please call me. We are off to a good start with a $5.00 donation and 6 cans of salmon for the Siska First Nation people. Thank you Lumby Valley Times for printing my letters.
Best regards,
Priscilla Judd
250 – 547 – 9475.

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