Feb 21 2010

e-mail to Oxfam

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To: Oxfam February 21st 2010

Dear Sir,
This e-mail to request help. 3 e-mails have been sent to the Red Cross – I have not had any response. e-mails went to 300 Members of Parliament and every BC MLA. I am posting this on my Internet blog: www.priscillajudd/thexpress.

I started the blog to help some starving people in British Columbia – it is tragic that a wealthy country like Canada has people suffering from starvation. Please respond in a timely fashion.

The problem of depleted salmon stocks:
First Nations communities in Canada have a legal and historical right to harvest salmon. 74 Native communities past Hell’s Gate on the Frazer River rely on Sockeye salmon – it is their main source of food but salmon did not return last fall, they may be extinct.

This lack of salmon was taken seriously by Canada’s Federal Government who commissioned an Inquiry. See reply e-mail from the Honourable Gerry Ritz on my blog.

I’ve been collecting donations of canned salmon to help the Siska First Nations Community who rely on sustainable harvest of natural products to feed and support themselves. People in Vernon, Cherryville and Lumby have sent 141 cans of wild salmon to help but canned food contains large amounts of salt and may not be the best thing for starving people.

The Siska people may know if there is anything that can replace their traditional diet of salmon. I asked the Government to truck in fresh salmon from other areas where salmon is plentiful but that seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Recently I found a link to the Siska band on Wikipeadia so I will send them an e-mail asking for more information.

I alerted the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) about the Siska food crisis. The DFO replied in liability language using the term “alleged” lack of social services.

This may be the first time in Canada that a natural food source simply disappeared. Remote First Nation Communities do not have access to urban food banks and recently the Federal Government cut back First Nation funding, which is sad news indeed.

Please investigate this food crisis and assist the young and elderly who sic endure, (according to Bill Chui who has been there and described it as) “almost unknown suffering”.

Please reply promptly.

Thank you for your world wide aid on hunger and poverty – I signed your online petition and I will post a link to it on my blog.

Priscilla Judd
my e-mail address: contact@priscillajudd.ca


  1. robin ledrew

    Good work !
    It is a tragedy and we are literally seeing it in our own backyard. the salmon used to spawn in Bessette creek where we live, but this last year there were only seven salmon counted during spawning season. In the book “Grassroots of Lumby” there is a story about farmers pitchforking salmon out of the Bessette for pig food. This is what we have done to this bounty in less than a hundred years.
    Thanks for raising awareness,
    robin, a neighbor on Bessette creek.


  2. priscilla

    here is the URL to sign the online petition for clean water:



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