Oct 07 2010

Bessette Chinook Salmon 2010

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photos by Gordon Judd


  1. admin

    Thanks for stopping by. It has been a beautiful year for salmon. We live on 65 acres of old growth second growth forest with swamps. The Bessette runs though it and Gordon took the photos. We have seen Sockeye too. Sadly our Coho are endangered. There is pollution.

    We started seeing wild salmon in August at Yard Creek (near Revelstoke). 200,000 people went to Adams River to see the Sockeye this year. If you have time next year – come visit us – the Shuswap (10 minutes from here) has nearly as many salmon as Adams River – and very few tourists. We are trying to get a fish ladder up the Wilsey Dam. We hope to see the salmon get above the falls to Cherryville.

    To find out about the challenges for wild salmon – visit the Cohen Commission – an Inquiry into the decline of Sockeye salmon. Check out Salmon are Sacred and Wild Salmon People.

    You can also take an online tour of the Lumby Salmon Trail signs – where it says that open net fish farms pose life threatening challenges to wild salmon.


  2. Andrea Peloso

    Amazing photos. I have never seen wild salmon before. Thank you!!


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