Oct 07 2010

1,202 streams between Hope and the Pacific Ocean

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Here’s a quote from skeenaangler’s blog

“Of the 60 salmonid producing streams, which existed in Vancouver in 1859, only 6 remained in 1989, and these were only marginally capable of producing salmon”.

Beveridge points out that, of the 1,202 streams between Hope and Pacific, 15% are lost, 48% are endangered, 23% are threatened, while only 14%, most of them inaccessible to salmon, are still wild. Beveridge observes that “this deterioration has occurred mainly within the past 100 years, in an area which constitutes only 0.6% of the Province’s land mass, yet houses 65% of BC’s population of 4 million.”

Emphasizing the urgency of the problem in urban areas, Beveridge suggests it is reasonable to assume that, “the same destructive trends exist in all areas subject to population and industrial expansion.”

I’ll look into that – it sounds important – protecting water and cleaning us pollution has become my number one priority!

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