Feb 17 2010

Inquiry and protest

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February 17th, 2010

The Honourable Gerry Ritz MP sent me an e-mail. Our Federal Government is so concerned about the fate of the sockeye salmon that it commissioned an Inquiry into the matter. I replied to Mr.Ritz asking permission to quote/post his e-mail. I’ll post when I get permission. I also asked about contacting the Inquiry.

I put “salmon” into the Google search and got a Globe and Mail story on BC Natives protesting lost salmon caused by Norwegian fish farms. Norway’s former Attorney General admits toxic fish farms spread sea lice that kill wild salmon. These farms have caused havoc to our fishing industry and grizzly bears are starving.

4 years ago, I attended an organic association AGM workshop. At that time some BC fish farmers were trying to get organic certification by raising the standards of fish farming in BC- they suggested fewer fish in the nets, Pacific salmon not Atlantic salmon, no pesticide or antibiotics. Well, 4 years later that issue has not been resolved but now, wild salmon appear to be going extinct, discussions continue, suggestions are made, an Inquiry is on the go and people and bears are starving. So much for feeding the world with farmed fish.

Here is a link to COABC if you want to read tons of information.

Clearly, Norwegian farms have not been held to any standard let alone the ones proposed by the Canadian guys who are still trying to get certified as organic. We rent our ocean space to Norwegian fish farms while a coalition of NGO’s can’t resolve the problem. Oh Canada, slum landlord of the ocean, I am so ashamed.

I received an e-mail from someone in the Department of Fisheries (DOE) who referred to the situation with the Siska band as “alleged” starvation, which sounds like liability talk to me. Perhaps one of the world aid groups might help the Siska with food since no agency seems to be taking responsibility for people who face starvation because traditional food disappeared.

Last winter, starving horses were rescued – can we not rescue starving people or starving bears? In the Kootenays people leave bales of hay for starving deer and elk. If fish farms kill natural salmon, should those fish farms provide fish for starving bears? Perhaps it’s only a crime to cause pets to starve – I’ll ask the SPCA.

My next blog will deal with reasons why NGO’s can’t fix environmental problems and why the only solution is direct democracy – government by the people for the people.

As citizens of this country we already have within the existing framework of laws, regulations and International agreements to resolve this problem. All we need is the collective voice to take back what is rightfully ours. Clean water and healthy salmon! Who doesn’t want clean water and healthy salmon? No one! The concept for change is a matter of less information not more. Clean water, healthy salmon and our voice.

Please post your comments and share the links – interest makes change.
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