Oct 07 2010

Salmon flying up Shuswap Falls (Wilsey Dam)

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Wilsey dam and Spillway at Shswap falls - 2010

Wilsey Dam and Spillway - where salmon need a fish ladder

photos by Gordon Judd  – 2010


  1. admin

    Thanks for dropping by Malcolm.
    Can you imagine watching the salmon climbing the fish ladder over the Wilsey Dam? Going where they want to go?

    Please join salmon advocate Dr. Alexandra Morton for a walk on the Lumby Salmon Trails starting at noon on Wednesday Oct 13th. You can meet Alexandra and quite a few salmon enthusiasts at the Salmon Kiosk behind the Chamber of Commerce – downtown Lumby and join the walk.

    Let’s bring some attention to the needs of our salmon – lets work on getting that fish ladder going before next salmon run.


  2. Malcolm Rhodes

    I was out to Shuswap Falls today (October 8th) and saw hundreds of Sockeye in various pools at the base of the falls by the Wilsey Dam, many of them trying to jump up the falls. I know that the upper Shuswap watershed (beyond Wilsey Dam and also Sugar Lake) is a perfect spawning area for salmon with gravel beds everywhere along it.
    Fish ladders providing a way around both of the dams (Wilsey and at Sugar Lake) would unquestionably hugely enhance the surviveability of the salmon species that make it up the Fraser system to the Lumby area.


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