Oct 05 2010

Wild BC salmon – only the best for eating!

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Here is a small business that I inadvertently stumbled upon:

Great Glacier Salmon

It’s a small family fish processing plant on the Stikine River. (Canadian federal plant # 0763 – HAACP approved) Located in the northwestern tip of British Columbia.  There they fish, process and supply wild salmon to North American and Japanese smokehouses , supermarket chains, restaurants and households.

They are isolated in the wilderness just downstream from pristine Great Glacier and accessible only by boat or float plane! They produce their own hydro-electricity which might mean they have a reduced carbon footprint.

For over 30 years, this family has provided wild Canadian chinook (king), sockeye and coho (silver). They take pride in the quality of their fish.  Bled and iced as soon as the fish are caught, processed within a few hours and shipped fresh daily during fishing season – means that you can have fresh top quality wild fish in your restaurant or on your dinner table within 72 hours of being caught !

For more information, contact the Great Glacier wild salmon family business here: http://wildsalmon.ca

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