Apr 22

I Declare World Peace(Anthem)

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      I Declare World Peace-Anthem

I guess we better get along
Stop the world from going wrong
I’ve seen the bombs – I’ve seen the grief
It’s coming down my twitter feed

One heart bleeds into another
Sister, mother, father, brother
Time to find a common ground
Time to shut the anger down

So, I Declare World Peace
I make this vow – this voice of me
Here and now and through my tears
A heartfelt peace throughout the World

And though it’s all been said before
We’d have a World that’s beyond war *
It’s time to sing a song of peace
Come on, come on and sing with me

Denounce the World on waging war
At home or on some foreign shore
Denounce the debt economy
For making stuff that no one needs

Denounce the leader’s lies and spin
For sellin wars that count me in

I Declare World Peace
And peace begins with you and me

Declare the end to making bombs
And make the very last one gone

Declare the end to fear and hate
It’s time to give more than we take

Declare the end to global greed
End the plight of poverty

I Declare World Peace
And Peace begins with you and me

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