Sep 22

Poppies and Crosses #StopDrones #StopWar #StopOil #ProtestSong

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  1. tom rutter

    What a song! As I watch my President , he of the Nobel Prize and the Golden Tongue, lead the world to the edge of the abyss that is endless war, despair calls …

    But this morning, this song and the images you offered, allow me to face the terrible truths squarely, and at the same time, to feel a surge of love, truth , courage and joy within…those things that are at my core and yours…and that must feed you and your fellow warriors for peace.

    Thank you Priscilla. I am humbled and inspired by your example.

    Tom Rutter

    1. I think you are right Tom, it’s a “terrible truth” that war and oil maintain the “industrial military complex” and on it goes… even to the end of our planet…

      May we show compassion as we go to our graves, for in someway, that may grow the goodness we humans are capable of.

      Thanks very much for sharing your views.


  2. tom

    This song is inspired. That Mr. Obama, Nobel laureate, who’s silver tongue speaks of Hope as he leads the world into Endless War, brings one to the edge of despair. This song, gives voice to the core in me that still knows the deeper truths of love, of beauty, of joy that is our birthright. Your gift to us is immense. Thank you Priscilla!

    in gratitude,

    Tom Rutter

    1. Thank you – I’m very glad you came to listen to my songs.

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