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My name is Priscilla Judd.


I tune pianos and while I drive around beautiful British Columbia, tuning for teachers and students, churches and public halls, I sing and write my songs of Praise and Protest.

I suppose you’ve noticed that planet Earth is under siege? Our environment is threatened everywhere on this planet.  Sadly, human life and nature are not the most important factor when it comes to decisions made by Governments.  Democracy is threatened by corporatism – the neo-liberal or neo-conservate agenda.

So, I’m an activist. I walk out and protest. I sing about wild salmon, climate change, pipelines and tankers, local food and farming, GMO, pesticide and First Nations issues.  I sing in praise of nature and heroes who stand for nature and social justice.

I also write songs for other people when they ask me – maybe I can write one for you?

I hope you find some solace in my songs. I hope you will learn some of them and sing them where and when you can.

If you want to use them for a commercial purpose – like raising money for your local cause you just have to ask me – likely I’ll say yes because I am hoping together we can change public attitudes and songs are a good way to do it.

You can listen to all my songs here. Learn them and sing them. If you buy a download you can copy it for a gift to give to a friend.  My songs are copyright but I’m releasing them under the Creative Commons License 3

Links to my CDs

Who For A Lost Democracy?

Songs of Praise and Protest

Oil and Farming

Songs of Hope  (for sale but not posted yet)

Banks & Bombs & Ballots


I’m working on a songbook

chords as well as a choral arrangement of my “O Canada” song.

A newsletter
To get my latest songs, ideas I’m working on and current protest movements

You can always leave a comment or suggestions right here on my website.

If you want to hire me for your conference or to write a song – pay my way to your rally – let me know and we can surely work something out.

In solidarity, Priscilla


  1. Vye

    I admire your tenacity and passion directed to Canadians about the political state in our country. Your voice is appreciated! Thank you!

    1. admin

      Hey – thanks very much !! This seems to be one time in history when we need to sing out.

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